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Записи с темой: music (список заголовков)

aquila non captat muscas.
Love, love is like a stubborn youth
That you'd rather just deny
I'm walking on a broken roof
While I'm looking at the sky

It's all false love and affection
You don't want me
You just like the attention
Yes it's all false love and affection
You don't like me
You just want the attention

I'm not your toy
This isn't another girl meets boy x2

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@темы: music


aquila non captat muscas.
этот трэк для меня всегда много значил.

Duct tape that mechanical eye
When it's blind
They can't tell
Whether truth is a lie

Use the sewer
'Cause the streets
Are not safe
And don't tell anyone that
You're trying to escape

And don't make a sound while
You are running away
'Cause desertion
Is not looked upon mildly
These days

Duck for the camera lens
Hush for the microphone
Do whatever you can
Where you are
To change all the things
That are wrong
With this place

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@музыка: Veto - Duck, Hush and Be Still

@темы: music


Rihanna - We Found Love

aquila non captat muscas.

@темы: music